Aspectos Tributarios

9 July, 2019
Job offer

A qualified junior accountant with experience of 1 to 3 years is requested, he must have knowledge in advanced Excel, analysis of accounts and accounting conciliations. Send resume to

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11 June, 2019
Decree 957

Government issues new classification of companies based on their income. It will come into force in the month of December 2019. Download: Decree 957 of June 05, 2019.

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31 May, 2019
Decree application 1273 of 2018

Independent workers with contracts for the provision of personal services, must continue to pay their contributions to social security, directly through the PILA. Download: Decree 1273 of 2018 VRS LAW OF THE PND.

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29 May, 2019
Supplementary tax

The complementary tax standardization tax has been regulated by the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit. Download: Decree 872 of May 20, 2019.

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25 May, 2019
Decree 872

Committees of conciliation and judicial defense of the DIAN and application of the principle of favourability in the collection stage. Download:

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21 May, 2019
Simple Taxation Regime

It officially initiated the implementation of the RST, incorporated with Law 1943 or the Financing Law. The Directorate of National Taxes and Customs (DIAN) and the Chamber of Commerce of Bogotá, launched the Simple Tax

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29 April, 2019
Decree 651

They extend terms to pay rent to taxpayers until December 31, 2019, located in special places in the country. Download: Decree 651 of 22/04/2019

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23 April, 2019
Resolution 000022

DIAN will optimize the electronic signature issuance service by facilitating the acceptance of the agreement on the use of the electronic signature instrument through self-management mechanisms in the electronic computer services provided by the entity.

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15 April, 2019
Job offer

Professional in Public Accounting with more than 1 year working experience in External Audit and Fiscal Auditor, interested send resume to POSITION: Audit Assistant. APPLICANT ENTITY: TAMS S.A.S. CAREER REQUESTED: Public accounting. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE:

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9 April, 2019
Decree 608

Resolution in which some terms are modified in the presentation of the income tax and complementary taxes. It determines the form of presentation of the tax declaration to the patrimony and establishes the obligation of

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