Decree 1468
20 agosto, 2019

The financing law of 2018 – Law 1943 of 2018 – created the Unified Tax that will be paid under the Simple Taxation System – SIMPLE. The objective of this tax is to reduce formal and substantial burdens, boost formality and, in general, simplify and facilitate compliance with the tax obligation of taxpayers who voluntarily benefit from the SIMPLE regime.

In this way, in favor of the legal order of the Simple Unified Tax, we highlight the most important changes of this decree:

  1. Add title 8 to part 5 of “Other taxes” of book 1 of decree 162/165. This establishes all the matter of the substantial obligation of the SIMPLE . Among other things, they stand out:
      • Taxes and contributions that make up the SIMPLE.
      • Flexibilities and restrictions of SIMPLE.
      • Base and taxable period, Declaration and payment of the SIMPLE.
      • Withholdings at the source of the SIMPLE.
    2. It modifies some sections of the RUT established in decree 1625/16, including:
      • Modify the definition of the RUT and add some document requirements.
      • Modify those required to register for this, as well as the place and formalization of the registration, update and cancellation of this.
      • Modify the documents necessary for enrollment in the RUT.
      • Add conditions for the update of the RUT for taxpayers who want to benefit from the SIMPLE.
    3. A whole article is added to decree 1625/16 on the Industry and Commerce Tax and its consolidation with the SIMPLE, as well as regarding the substantive and formal matter of the tax.

Download: Decree 1468 of August 13, 2019


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